46° 1' 53.3532" N, 25° 12' 23.3352" E

The Group of Companies “Zeolites” is founded in 2013 and its aim is to exploit one of the few deposits of zeolites in Romania located in the Rupea area, in the Brasov county.

The extraordinary properties of zeolites have defined the Group's interest to turn a natural and ecological resource into finite products or raw material, highest quality, applicable in various fields.

The zeolite resource processing plant was put into use in January 2018 when it was completed the investment program for a cutting-edge technology line that will allow the processing of the rock to meet all environmental protection standards through advanced purification, filtration and processing in various forms.

The mineralogical study carried out in the perimeter of volcanic tuffs exploited for superior revaluation of the zeolite demonstrates that the entire mass of the rock has undergone full zeolitization.

Most samples taken and subjected to mineralogical analysis show that zeolites are present in over 90%, which leads to the conclusion that the deposit has a special value.

The quality of the material is evidenced by numerous documents:

▪ Chemical analyses
▪ Mineral analyses
▪ Many studies and research on the use of our Zeolite in various areas where they find applicability
▪ Radioactivity analysis of the material
▪ Concentrations of heavy metals from the composition
▪ Dioxin analyses
▪ Analysis of cationic exchange capacity
▪ Approvals and authorizations issued by specialized institutions.

All this information has been obtained through research studies with specialist institutes in deepening theoretical and practical themes.

Any part of the technological process NOT involves the use of toxic substances, but only the extraction of the quarry deposit and its processing by specific processes until it is brought to the stage of "ACTIVATED ZEOLITE".

The exploitation opened by the Group of Companies "Zeolites" meets all the environmental requirements, and all the production flow is done under the authorization of the competent institutions.