Circular public procurement

How well developed is circular public procurement in your country?

End of waste status

Criteria for end of waste status are established for several waste streams in Croatia: compost, digestate, biofuel, fuel from oil waste, construction material. For other materials there is a legal uncertainty.
For instance, there have not been established criteria for plastic. thus companies that recover plastic waste have problem with declaration of plastic granulates and flakes.
How is the situation in the region regarding end of waste regulation?

By product regulaton.

The term by-product is defined by Waste Framework Directive as a substance or object, resulting from a production process, the primary aim of which is not the production of that item, may be regarded as not being waste referred to in point (1) of Article 3 but as being a by-product only if the following conditions are met:
(a) further use of the substance or object is certain;
(b) the substance or object can be used directly without any further processing other than normal industrial practice;

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