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CE-BIOTEC-04-2018: New biotechnologies for environmental remediation (RIA)
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Contamination of soils, sediments, ground and surface water caused by waste resulting from human action and leakage into water sources is a serious problem. This pollution contains compounds having toxicity and durability which creates important concerns from the health and environmental viewpoints. Moreover, it represents a significant economic burden for society. In some standard remediation strategies, for example burying polluted soils in landfills, pollutants are not destroyed and the problem is merely postponed. Chemical remediation and the disposal of contaminated waste increase the health risk for workers. Bioremediation, which uses naturally occurring microorganisms, is a more sustainable and gentle alternative to physicochemical options. Microorganisms have developed countless strategies to depollute their environment and to transform harmful environmental contaminants into harmless end products. However, the effectiveness of bioremediation faces a number of challenges, for instance the concentration of the contaminant, the combined biological activity of the microbial community over time and space and the consumpti
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See Annex A, B, C of the Work Programme
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Deadline:25 April 201817:00:00
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