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CE-SPIRE-03-2018: Energy and resource flexibility in highly energy intensive industries (IA 50%)
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Energy intensive industries should adapt their production processes and unit operations to increasingly sustainable, but highly fluctuating energy supply. To this end, energy and resource flexibility in the European process industry can be improved through the development of novel processes utilising more efficiently energy streams, heat recovery and raw materials flows with variable properties (including new or modified materials as well as secondary raw materials and by-products). The challenge is to establish synergistic integration at a regional level among different production sectors leading to optimisation of production system as a whole and logistics, especially in terms of the supply of energy and raw materials. This should reduce emissions and environmental impact, while maintaining competitiveness and job security.
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See Annex A, B, C of the Work Programme
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Deadline: 22 February 2018 17:00:00
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