OPIK(Operational Programme „Innovations & Effectiveness“)Total budget: 1,390,135,901 Eur

Type of funding: 
Purpose of the call : 
Priority 1:Technological development & Innovations 1.1.Technological development&innovations 1.2. 57% of total budget Priority 2: Enterpreneurship & capacity for growth 26% of the total budget Priority 3: Energy & resource efficiency 17% of the total budget
Competent authority: 
Ministry of Economy(ME)
Minimum and maximum financial support: 
Minimum financial supportMaximum financial support(Diifferent for the specific calls)
Eligible applicants: 
SMEs (micro, small,medium)
More information about the Program and/or Call: 
Application deadline : 
2014 -2020, customised calls
Country Scope: