Environmental Fund (support in the form of loans or subsidies)

Type of funding: 
Purpose of the call : 
The use of the funds must be in accordance with the priorities and objectives of the state environmental policy strategy approved by the Government of the Slovak Republic. One of the relevant areas regarding the credit or subsidy support is Area C: Waste management development (Activities include: Closure and reclamation of landfills, Prevention of waste, sorted collection and recovery of biodegradable municipal waste, Implementation of sorted collection, construction of collection sites and waste sorting facilities etc.). more information on http://www.envirofond.sk/sk/podpora
Competent authority: 
Ministry of Environment of the SR
Minimum and maximum financial support: 
Minimum financial support: -Maximum financial support: Only for subsidies - 95% of the project's eligible costs, subject to a minimum of 5% co-financing by the applicant from eligible project costs OR up to 150 000 EUR, subject to a minimum of 5% co-financing. (There are other specific conditions stated in the document Specification of support activities in the form of subsidies for 2018 p. 48)
Eligible applicants: 
• Legal persons – entrepreneur (only eligible for loan), • Natural persons – entrepreneur (only eligible for loan), • Natural person - self-employed (only eligible for loan),• Legal person (non-business),• Municipality,• Self-governing region,• Civic association,• Foundation,• Non-investment fund,• Association of legal entities,• Public organization,• Non-profit organization providing public services with an environmental focus,• Registered church or religious society (only eligible for loan)
More information about the Program and/or Call: 
Application deadline : 
All applications must be submitted no later than 31st of October of the calendar year concerned
Country Scope: