4b1.1 Increasing energy efficiency and using renewable energy sources in manufacturing industries

Type of funding: 
Purpose of the call : 
Development of infrastructure for renewable energy sources in industrial including switching from conventional to alternative energy sources (renewable energy sources) such as: solar collector installed, heat pumps, high efficiency cogeneration; -Implementing measures to increase energy efficiency in industrial production: a) “soft measures” - introducing systematic energy management, performing energy audits, controlling energy consumption, preparing energy efficiency plans, institutional and organizational assessment, and suggestions for optimizing business processes (energy savings) b) infrastructure investments such as those in smart counters and reconstruction of facilities that will contribute to achieving energy efficiency goals, enhancing currently-used technologies, implementation of pilot projects. -Promotion activities (info counters, brochures, advertisements, television spots) and consulting services
Competent authority: 
Ministry of Environment and Energy – first Call
Minimum and maximum financial support: 
Minimum financial support: 350.000,00 HRK Maximum financial support: 20.000.000,00 HRK
Eligible applicants: 
Entrepreneurs registered for the following activities: the iron and steel industry, the non-ferrous metal industry, the chemical industry, glass, ceramics and building materials industries, mining, textile industry, leather processing and clothing industry, paper and printing industry, mechanical engineering and other metal industries and industries that exclude food and beverage production and the tobacco industry.
More information about the Program and/or Call: 
Application deadline : 
17 January 2018.
Country Scope: