Rewardingparticipation in Horizon 2020

Type of funding: 
Purpose of the call : 
Increasing Romania's visibility at the international research level and innovation development; Strengthen the national system by CDI by intensification collaboration in research European Excellence; Increasing the quality of projects with Romanian participants at Horizon 2020, as well as the role played by them in future Horizon 2020 projects; Increasing the sustainability of Romanian institutions' participation in projects with international funding; Increasing the share of external financing in total national R & D expenditures.
Competent authority: 
Romanian Government
Minimum and maximum financial support: 
25% of the value the grant type ERC; 15% of the value grant granted by EC type ERA Chair; For the rest instrumentsFinancing of the Program Horizon 2020:a 10% of the value budget granted byAssociated CE institution host fromRomania in the quality of coordinatorof the project; a 7.5% of the value budgetgranted by Associated CE institutionhost from Romania in the quality of Coordinator of work package.
Eligible applicants: 
Research organizations of whether public or private Romania who implements the projects won at competitions Horizon 2020
More information about the Program and/or Call: 
Application deadline : 
Continuus submission
Country Scope: