State Aid Scheme "FundingRDI projectsAccording to the Programme Developmentof national system of research and development "

Type of funding: 
Purpose of the call : 
Developing human resources, of infrastructure and related institutions; increasing resource efficiency in public organizations through development monitoring mechanisms and assessment of the quality and relevance of RDI activities; increasing system attractiveness and opening up organizations research to the community International; modernization public sector research.
Competent authority: 
Romanian Government
Minimum and maximum financial support: 
Fundamental research- maximum 40 million euro;Industrial Research - maximum 20 mil.euro;Experimental Development- - up to 15 million euro;Feasibility Studies – up to 7.5million euro;Activities of innovation - maximum 7.5 million. euro
Eligible applicants: 
Research development units organized as business Enterprises that performs Research and Development activitiesSuperior Educational institutions privately accredited or structures thereofNon-governmental Organizations thatperforms Research and Development activitiesInstitute or Research and Development centers organized within national societies, national companies International centers ofResearch and Developmentestablished on the basis of some international agreements
More information about the Program and/or Call: 
Application deadline : 
December 31st Decembrie 2020
Country Scope: