Start-up Pilot Program Environment for technologies for obtaining materials and / or products with a low environmental impact through the use of natural raw materials and / or recycled raw materials ECO-BUSINESS

Type of funding: 
Purpose of the call : 
investments related to the establishment of a new establishment, the expansion of an existing unit, the diversification of the production of an establishment, the production of new, additional products, or the fundamental change in the production process of an existing unit; construction of buildings and / or constructions necessary for the installation and installation of the equipment, installations and equipments purchased within the project, with the related equipment - electrical installations, gas supply installations, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, telephony, PSI, intranet. Only the above-mentioned installations that are built inside the buildings and / or constructions necessary to install and install the equipment are eligible and do not represent utility costs; the purchase of machinery, installations, new equipment needed to fulfill the object of this program; assembly of equipment and technological equipment; installation and commissioning; training of operating personnel - the costs of training / training of personnel for the correct and efficient use of equipment and technologies; Technological samples and tests - Expenditure related to the execution of the samples / tests provided for in the project, production, acceptance tests, approvals; Feasibility studies, technical project, up to 8% of eligible expenditure for basic investment. Expenses incurred for the acquisition of tangible assets are eligible if the assets acquired are new. The details of the expenditures will be according to the structure of the general estimate stipulated in GD 28/2008.
Competent authority: 
Environmental fund administration
Minimum and maximum financial support: 
Up to 200.000 Euros
Eligible applicants: 
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Application deadline : 
Not yet in force
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