Measures included under the Slovenian RDP 2014-2020

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Depends on the call
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Rural Development Programme (RDP) 2014–2020 comment: some calls within certain measures are environmentally oriented and could be suitable for Circular
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Depends on the call
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Depends on the call
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Measures included under the Slovenian RDP 2014-2020 are• Measure 1 – Knowledge transfer and information actions • Measure 2 – Advisory services, farm management and farm relief services
• Measure 3 – Quality schemes for agricultural products and foodstuffs
• Measure 4 - Investments in physical assets
• Measure 6 – Farm and business development
• Measure 7 – Basic services and village renewal in rural areas
• Measure 8 – Investments in forest area development and improvement of the LEADER local development (CLLD – community-led local development)

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