Bay Zoltan Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research

Website (description of the organisation): 

Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. is Hungary's leading network of applied research institutes. The objective of our state-owned institutes is to boost the international economic significance of companies operating in Hungary by providing them our R&D services.We focus our R&D activity on the following areas: - Material science, nano- and laser technology - Biotechnology - Information and communication technology - Environmental industry - Logistics and industrial production technology - Mechanical, physical, chemical-analytical measurement technology - Genomics - Control technology In order to realize these objectives, our state-owned research institutes offer complex scientific and technical solutions to achieve a more efficient and fruitful operation for our domestic and foreign client base - which means over 200 enterprises at the moment. We play the role of "bridge of innovation" for our partner institutes through the activities of applied research-development and technology transfer.

Type of organization: 
R&D Company
Number of researchers employed: 
101 - 250
Main areas of R&D expertise: 
Supporting multi-functionality / multifunctional use of waste/resources, Increasing reuse, Treatment of electrical and electronic waste, Eco-design, Innovative materials and component recycling (Metal, Polymers, Composite (Combined) materials)
R&D reference projects: 
Name of the projectProject durationKeywords related to Circular EconomyOther keywordsRole in the projectProject website
AgriForValor "Bringing added value to agriculture and forest sectors by closing the research and innovation divide”
bioeconomy, innovation partnerhip, research to market
STREFOWA –Strategies to Reduce and Manage Food Waste in Central Europe
reduce, redistribution, collection
23456 « » CERREC – “Central Europe Repair & Re-use Centres and Networks”
repair, network, weee
PCREC - Product Centric Recycling
criticel raw material
STORM, “Industrial Symbiosis for the Sustainable Management of Raw Materials”,
industrial symbiosis
Bay Zoltan Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research
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