Fabrika Hartije Beograd

Ada Huji
Prilazni put Ada Huji 9

Since November 2008, the factory has been a member of the Kappa Star Group, after which a major production capacity restructuring was undertaken, as the factory was closed for a long time period prior to that. After an investment of over 34 million EUR, production was re-launched. The production program of the factory is corrugated papers (Schrenz, Fluting, Testliner 3) based on 100% recycled used paper. The ranges of the factory’s corrugated paper are from 90 to 230 grams per square meters, and it is made on a 5-meter wide machine.

From 2013 to 2015, the next stage of production modernization was realized and plans were made for more investments, which could mean producing 100,000 mt of corrugated paper per year. Increasing capacity entails an improvement of capacity, enabling us to compete with the biggest players in the market.

So as to increase efficiency in terms of logistics, we have built a new, modern warehouse with a 2,600 m² surface area, thus increasing the storage capacity by 3,000 tons.
The factory sells its products mostly in the Serbian market, but with every year our involvement in a number of foreign markets rises. Our goal is to position ourselves in the region as a stable supplier and partner that the buyers can always rely on. The number of buyers is getting bigger year after year, which entitles us to continue to aspire to reaching our established goals.