Brodarski Institute

Website (description of the organisation):
Brodarski Institute is an institute of applied technical sciences in the fields of maritime and green technologies. As a research and development and technology organization it has 65 years of experience.

Range of activities from experimental development of products to prototype making, turn-key projects, computations, supervisions, tests and measurements are among the main Institute’s activities.

Brodarski Institute dominantly supports domestic industry, but it is also recognized by foreign partners as a reliable partner in development projects and technology transfer.

The Institute as a limited liability company generates its revenue through commercial contracts with the clients. About 40% of the Institute’s revenue is generated from foreign markets.

A high competitive capability of Brodarski Institute is ensured by its experts and scientists in the fields of shipbuilding, marine engineering, green technologies and environmental protection, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, physics, metallurgy, industrial design and other specialized fields.

Type of organization: 
R&D Institute
Number of researchers employed: 
Less than 10
R&D reference projects: 
Av. V. Holjevca 20
45° 45' 48.672" N, 15° 59' 37.1544" E