Bulgarian Association of Recycling

205 Aleksandar Stamboliiski Blvd.
+359 888 811 595

The Bulgarian Association of Recycling (BAR) protects the interests of the companies which recycle secondary raw materials in the country to carry out an active dialogue with the state institutions in the protection of the legitimate rights of its members, to examine and assist to resolve issues related to the legal, economic, financial, environmental, customs and other aspects of the activities of the firms from the branch. BAR raises awareness of the public for the management of the materials for recycling and collection of waste, the hierarchy of the waste management, the projects of circular economy, increasing the environmental awareness of the children as a part of the future recycling societies, etc. BAR is a member of the working group at national level and it participates in the development of national positions for the European legislation and policy like the package for the circular economy. organizes public discussions with the local authorities, business, state authorities concerning the development of the Waste Management Law and the auxiliary legislation. BAR also organizes training and seminars for exchange of experience and interaction within the waste management sector with various national, regional and local authorities.