Hungarian Association of Environmental Enterprisses

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The association is a professional body, organisation for public benefit. The Association acts in line with the principles of environmental protection.

The association organises more conferences and workshops a year to spread professional information.

The professional work is carried out in the framework of Working Groups.

The members receive the Newsletter about the national or international conferences, books, information, national or international environmental tenders, EU or national environmental legislation. This is a tool for communication among the members, too. The member companies can share their news in a paragraph for free in these newsletters in every second week. We publish a yearbook on the environmental industry yearly. (EcoIndustry Yearbook).

We launched our Statement on Environmental Responsibility the year 2012. (Környezetvédelmi Felelősségvállalási Nyilatkozat).

The association has founded the Awards for Environmental Protection. We handed out the 2 categories for the 14th times this year.

In 2011 the KEXPORT Cluster was founded to promote the export of the environmental industry.

We have been organising the ÖKOINDUSTRIA International Environmental Industry, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Exhibition since 2009. We organised the 5th ÖKOINDUSTRIA International Exhibition at the Hungarian Railway Museum on 18-10th November, 2017.

We operate a database at ( XIR, which contains companies of the environmental industry. The registration to the database is free of charge.

We founded the ASZEK (Cluster of Accredited Organizations)

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Less than 10
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Keleti Károly u. 11/A.