Constance Becker Design

Constance Becker Design
Birkerstrasse 32
80636 Munich
48° 1' 8.4576" N, 11° 41' 14.8524" E
0049 (0) 15772517584

Just fold it! The "Bumble Bee" Bag is made of reflective vests. Tailors on retirement sew them. They supplement their pension with this job. We develop and produce the bags in Bavaria and unseam reflective vests, reuse all of the material for our upcycled "Bumble Bee" Bags and sell them to Museum- and Designshops in Germany, Austria, Denmark and our Onlineshop. We have three models: "Bumble Bee" Shopper, "Bumble Bee" Backpack and "Bumble Bee" Zip Bag. The model of the "Bumble Bee" Shopper is very useful and provides security in the dark. After using it, simply fold it into it`s own pocket. It´s a win-win situation for all which are involved in this project. We took part in the German "Recycling Designpreis 2012" and were a member of several exhibitions. In 2018 we had an appearance on television: "Abenteuer Leben Kabel 1". We took part in the "MCBW Start Up 2015 Creative Demo-Night" Literaturhaus, Munich.
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