Ponio, s.r.o.

J. Kalinčiaka 1122/31
960 01 Zvolen

PONIO is a Slovak brand of handmade cosmetics producing natural soaps, massage cubes, deodorants, solid shampoos, natural conditioners and other fragrant cosmetics. We create only handmade products in smaller quantities with maximum honesty in order to give you always a best quality product. We use our own recipes and procedures, which we constantly improve. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Within MOVECO Innovation Award our company won the first place in the category "Product of the year 2019 micro enterprises (< 9)" for our natural deodorant in compostable tube. Our company Ponio, s.r.o. created handmade natural deodorants filled in fully compostable push up tubes. These tubes are made from 100% paperboard. The dispensers contain 80% recycled paper, with 60% post-consumer content. They are completely biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. Ingredients used in deodorant are all natural and vegan, without synthetitc fragrances, preservatives etc.