Bistrita -NASAUD
47° 8' 45.6756" N, 24° 28' 38.0604" E

More than 10 years of experience in the manufacturing of PVC windows and doors.

Since it entered 10 years ago the market of manufacturing the PVC windows and doors, Teraglass factory is now operating both on the domestic and the highly developed European markets, such as Germany. The competition with the large European manufacturers has driven us to increase the level of performance and quality of the products manufactured by Teraglass, which successfully comply with the European standards.

Best solutions for your home!

Teraplast Group is proud for its long experience in the field of PVC profiles extrusion used to manufacture PVC windows and doors. Our portfolio of extruded products manufactured in our factory in Bistrița includes 3 profile systems with 4, 6 and 7 insulating chambers. Due to our continuing investment in research, the Teraglass products are designed to meet the requirements of our clients.

Our 30 year experience in the field of plastics extrusion is the guarantee for high-quality profile systems, which provide comfort through the acoustic and thermal insulation designed to adapt to various architectures. The insulating glass used for Teraglass doors and windows is also manufactured in our factory in Bistrița. Due to the use of a broad range of glass, Teraglass PVC windows and doors provide optimum transmission of light, clarity and keeps the same comfort level throughout the room.

Our broad range of joinery products enables us to provide the best solutions for various client requirements. Our technical department helps us design products that by their functionality provide safety, comfort and a nice look to your home.

The house joinery products improve both the look and the functionality and performance of your home. The Teraglass windows and doors distinguish themselves by personality, design and the comfort they provide, thus reflecting the particularities of each home.

By using Teraglass products you will improve the comfort and safety of your home and adds value to it!