Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Banská Bystrica

Website (description of the organisation): 

The Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SOPK) is the public legal institution established by the Act of the Slovak National Council on Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The chamber represents and coordinates common interests of its members in business matters domestically and abroad, providing them with services and fulfils other tasks in accordance to this law.

The main services provided by the chamber are:
-legal and financial consultancy for entrepreneurs,
-trade information services,
-development of foreign trade relations,
-organization of trade missions,
-educational activites,
-organization of professional workshops, meetings and seminars discussing current entrepreneurial and public problems,
-sale of publications related to enterprising,
-verification of documents essential for international trade,
-verification of international customs documents - ATA Carnet,
-consultany in the field of intellectual property protection,
-certification services and accredited certification services (commerial certificate for electronic signature, qualified certificate for advanced electronic signature),
-participation in projects supported and financed by EU funds,
-organization of innovation competition "Krištálový Merkúr" and competition on environmental behaviour of companies "Zelený Merkúr"
-SOPK is a member of Enterprise Europe Network and other European and international networks focused on support of entrepreneurs
-SOPK has about 1000 paid staff members but it also cooperates with a broad network of external experts from business, educational or non-profit environment.

Type of organization: 
Business development nonprofit company
Number of researchers employed: 
Less than 10
Main areas of R&D expertise: 
legal and financial consultancy for entrepreneurs, trade information services, development of foreign trade relations, organization of trade missions, educational activites, organization of professional workshops, meetings and seminars, etc.
R&D reference projects: 
Nám.Š.Moysesa 4
974 01, Banská Bystrica