Nerazdelni 2 Street, floor 2

"ECOTEAM” Ltd. was established in March 2018 from professionals with a long professional experience. The company offers quality and complete consulting and engineering services in the field of Management of environment and water.
The power of "ECOTEAM” Ltd. is in the competence in implementing the environmental legislation, combined with wide practical experience in solving various environmental problems.
At present, "ECOTEAM” Ltd. has a team of highly qualified and experienced specialists, each of whom has a professional knowledge /waste management, biodiversity monitoring, ADR consultants, water and wastewater treatment/ анд provides its partners and customers with high-quality services in every area related to the protection of the environment. "ECOTEAM” Ltd. works in close partnership with former experts from the system of the Ministry of Environment and Water, leading scientists from the most elite Bulgarian scientific institutes, lawyers with certain experience in applying the environmental legislation.
The main objective of the Company is to provide qualified expert assistance to the operators of the technological units and to the local authorities in case of environmental problems and difficulties related to the Bulgarian and European legislation. In connection with dynamic changes in environmental legislation, the highly-qualified consulting team offers well-motivated solutions for each specific case.
Since December 2018 our company officially signed contract for Agent for the territory of Bulgaria of “Neoplast Industry” doo. /ODIS Filtering Ltd./ for Solutions for treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater and drinking water for communities and enterprises.