Odborárska 18
821 02 Bratislava

Créeme focuses on the production of natural organic undyed lingerie designed according to principles of circular economy. The fabric is produced in the Czech Republic and only from organic and certified cotton (GOTS), which grows out of the soil in natural beige color and is fully compostable. Lingerie and metal brass components are custom made in Slovakia.

We think about the life cycle of the product from the very beginning and design our products so that customers can easily separate them after being used. Metal is the best circular material and can be melted and transformed into new shapes again and again. Our brand name, créeme, means in Spanish "believe me".

"We opened the Créeme brand because we care about the ethical fashion industry, the planet and the health of the customer. I also love projects that help to make this world better and heathier living place." Soňa Vidiečanová, co-owner of Créeme