Comenius University Bratislava

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Type of organization: 
University / Faculty
Number of researchers employed: 
More than 251
Main areas of R&D expertise: 
Innovative materials and component recycling, Eco-design, biotechnology, recombinant enzymes and protein therapeutics
R&D reference projects: 
Name of the projectProject durationKeywords related to Circular EconomyOther keywordsRole in the project
Construction of natural flavors by biotranformation with using comprehensive analytical methods
biotransformation, biotechnology
Key R&D partner
Synthetic biology and production of peroxidases de novo
synthetic biology, biotechnology
Key R&D partner
Comenius University Bratislava
Ilkovičova 6, Mlynská dolina, 84215 Bratislava
48° 9' 9.5472" N, 17° 4' 32.682" E