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Waste management (recovery of construction and minig waste), production of recycled aggregates


Dear friends, future and current business partners first of all thank you for the congratulations and please allow me to address you with a few words about us and introduce to you our company's business.

Founder, owner and director Marko List, Master of Agronomy, currently a doctoral student, has for the last five years been Head of production and procurement of raw materials in the Agrokor Group, where he implemented and introduced HACCP systems in five biogas plants.

FERUS d.o.o.

Waste management (collection and treatment of metal waste)

FEPLO – Fabrika ekoloških vodootpornih ploča

FEPLO – Fabrika ekoloških vodootpornih ploča, je mlada kompanija, koja od svog osnivanja beleži konstantan razvoj. Bavimo se proizvodnjom vodootpornih EKO ploča. Vodootporne EKO ploče koje se proizvode u fabrici "Feplo" su 100% ekološki proizvod jer se u postupku proizvodnje ne koriste nikakvi lepkovi, a 90% sastava čini reciklirani tetrapak, dok se u malom procentu dodaje otpadna plastika.

FOLDER d.o.o.

Environmental Consulting - end of waste status, extended producer responsibility (EPR).


Konsultantske aktivnosti i obuka u vezi s poslovanjem i ostalim upravljanjem u cirkularnoj ekonomiji.

ANAHEM d.o.o.

ANAHEM is an independent, innovative, and experienced analytical laboratory that you can rely on. It was established to provide clients in the environmental, food and various process industries with reliable high quality chemical analyses for a wide variety of sample media...