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Slovak Business Agency

Slovak Business Agency is the oldest specialized non-profit organization for the support of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Slovak Business Agency was founded in 1993 by a common initiative of the EU and the Government of the Slovak Republic. It is the unique platform of public and private sectors.

The founding members include Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, Entrepreneurs Association of Slovakia and Slovak Association of Crafts.

Ponio, s.r.o.

PONIO is a Slovak brand of handmade cosmetics producing natural soaps, massage cubes, deodorants, solid shampoos, natural conditioners and other fragrant cosmetics. We create only handmade products in smaller quantities with maximum honesty in order to give you always a best quality product. We use our own recipes and procedures, which we constantly improve. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


Rebeutel creates light, air-permeable bags from disposed curtain material and fabric remnants. The idea is to avoid single-use packaging and thus saving resources. The bags are produced locally in social institutions in Munich (Germany) and the surrounding area. The young company helps the users to act packaging-free and socially fair. If you have leftovers of linen, cotton or curtain fabrics, bring them to one of the workshops in Munich and contribute to the production of new Rebeutel bags.

Lorenz GmbH & Co. KG

Lorenz GmbH & Co. KG is a specialist for flow measurement and leading manufacturer and supplier of flat, residential and bulk water meters as well as corresponding communication technology and services.

Our measuring instruments are installed in millions of households in Germany and Europe, enable the operation and management of public supply networks and control industrial plants. Water is the basis of life - and it inspires us to contribute with our product solutions and services to protecting our planet's most precious resource.

Entus Management s.r.o.

Vyvíjame dynamické modely a softvér aplikácie pre systém cenotvorby produktov na základe posúdenia kvalitatívnych a ekologických vlastností - počas celého životného cyklu produktu Výroba - Používanie- Recyklácia. Metodológia environmentálneho hodnotenia LCC/ TCO ENTUS – predstavuje detailné technicko - ekonomicke hodnotenie peňažnej aj nepeňažnej transformáce vstupy/výstupy na produkciu počas aj po ukončení životnosti.


Meet UPHOLD, a botique product and consulting company that combines latest technologies with circular economy principles to deliver the sustainable products and services you need.
One of our project is reUse ( It is a web and mobile application, which connects waste generators and their large-scale municipal waste, such as furniture and household items, with up-cycling companies that make use of it.