Glass production.
Recycling of glass.


Management of hazardous waste


ESE is a European leader in container systems for the temporary storage of waste and recyclables. ESE develops high-efficiency systems for its customers, combining over 80 years‘ experience with the latest technical know-how. Its product portfolio comprises a wide range of 2 and 4-wheel bins, pre-sorting systems, public furnishing bins, hazardous waste containers, collection banks and underground systems. The company also provides logistical services such as the installation of container parks and container data management for its customers.

Europa Consortium Nonprofit Ltd.

Europa Consortium Regional Development Non-profit Ltd. is a non-governmental organisation actively supporting its region with social innovation, youth, education, nature and environment protection, tourism and development projects. Our colleagues have a long track of experience on the field of management of EU funded projects: LIFE, Interreg-Danube, ERASMUS+, COSME, etc. The organisation provides project management services throughout the whole project lifecycle, offers in-house and small group trainings as well as coaching solutions on project development and management.

FERUS d.o.o.

Waste management (collection and treatment of metal waste)

ANAHEM d.o.o.

ANAHEM is an independent, innovative, and experienced analytical laboratory that you can rely on. It was established to provide clients in the environmental, food and various process industries with reliable high quality chemical analyses for a wide variety of sample media...


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