Education consulting services

ReCreativity Nonprofit Kft.

We provide non formal training programmes, creative workshops, and consultation/personalized coaching in product/service design and entrepreneurship.

National Centre for Vocational Training at BCCI

The National Centre for Vocational Training at BCCI operates with a licence granted by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training and offers a wide range of courses for vocational education and training.

Slovenski gradbeni grozd - GIZ

After more than 10 years in active participation in EU research and development projects, skills development project and technology transfer projects we understand the main reasons for successful and unsuccessful implementation of commercialisation of innovation.We started as a construction cluster and through transformation we developed services which could help organisations in each sector.

New Edu, n.o.

We focus on provision of informal education services in the field of sustainable development and environmental protection


Bimec specialises in short-term training and seminars, digitally assisted training and team-buildings and management consultancy.

Ecosystem Europe

Ecosystem Europe is NGO, which aims to create a favorable environment for access to innovative, flexible and attractive applications for students, educators and entrepreneurs, thus achieving a working balance between society, economy and the environment.


Environmental counsalting and education.

EKO ADRIA d.o.o.

Eko.-Adria d.o.o. is the engineering company located in the town of Pula where we became the leading company in domain of environmental protection in the County of Istria in the last 10 years.

In addition to the County of Istria, our quality has been recognized in other parts of Croatia by many businesses clients we work with. Our qualified employees monitor the entire legislation relating to environmental protection and offer professional consulting services for business clients, especially in terms of waste production and use of chemicals.


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