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GreenWEEE International

GreenWEEE International, lider de piață în tratarea și reciclarea deșeurilor de echipamente electrice și electronice (DEEE), baterii, acumulatori uzati sau componente din industria automotive. La 10 ani de la deschidere, GreenWEEE își desfăsoară activitatea în două fabrici de reciclare în România (la Buzău și la Campia Turzii), având o capacitate totală de tratare de 100 000 tone/an, cu un numar de peste 350 de angajați și cifra de afaceri în anul 2018 de peste 20 milioane EUR.

Đaković Reciklaža

Reciklaža metalnih delova i ostataka, otkup i prerada sekundarnih sirovina – gvožđa i svih vrsta obojenih metala, lima, aluminijuma, bakra, mesinga, prohroma, olova, akumulatora, školjki automobila, guma…

Hostić Reciklaža

Hostic Reciklaža d.o.o je firma sa sedištem u Novom Sadu, osnovana 2012 god. posvećena očuvanju čovekove sredine i ponovnoj upotrebi otpada putem raznih sistema reciklažnog postupka.

Hostić Reciklaža raspolaže vozilom opremljenim po standardima ADR-a kao i vozača sa ADR- sertifikatom i uz ostalu prateću opremu i dokumentaciju ispunjave sve zakonske norme koje su propisane za obavljanje navedenih delatnosti.

Hostić reciklaža vrši otkup veš mašina, frižidera, šporeta, televizora i ostalih kućnih uredjaja.
Izlazimo na kućnu adresu, isplata odmah.

Repairably n.o.

Our earth faces enermous enviromental challenges. To cope with them, one simple step, that we can take together is to require that products we use are repairable. Repairability is one of the pillars of the circular economy.

Repairably certifies products that are designed for simple and affordable repair. Repairably strives for less waste and better future by encouraging design, manufacture and use of truly repairable products. Any repairably certified product is guaranteed to be practically repairable. And this makes lots of sense.


BEZOBALiS is the first packaging-free grocery store in Trenčín, Slovakia. With its motto "Consume only what you need", the company is leading people towards a more sustainable way of living and moving away from consumerism. It encourages them to take a rational approach to shopping. In addition to weighted food the assortment includes also drugstore to be drawn, cosmetics and alternatives to various disposable household appliances.


Créeme focuses on the production of natural organic undyed lingerie designed according to principles of circular economy. The fabric is produced in the Czech Republic and only from organic and certified cotton (GOTS), which grows out of the soil in natural beige color and is fully compostable. Lingerie and metal brass components are custom made in Slovakia.


"ECOTEAM” Ltd. was established in March 2018 from professionals with a long professional experience. The company offers quality and complete consulting and engineering services in the field of Management of environment and water.
The power of "ECOTEAM” Ltd. is in the competence in implementing the environmental legislation, combined with wide practical experience in solving various environmental problems.


Furniture fitings distribution.


Constructii rezidentiale si industriale

Bioflux SRL

Our journals are good opportunity for researchers to publish their papers on time, color, both printed and online, open access, unlimited pages. The journals allow the author(s) to hold the copyright without restrictions. These are open-access journal distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License CC-BY, which permits unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.


SC ELECTROCONSTRUCTIA ELCO BISTRITA SA works in the construction of power lines field with an experience of over 20 years.

Proterm-Line srl

Production of semi-finished furniture.