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TeraSteel is part of Teraplast Group, one of the largest producers of construction materials with Romanian capital.

TeraSteel has constantly invested in technological development and currently is capable to produce zinc coated profiles and thermal insulating panels with polyurethane foam PUR and flame retardant polyurethane foam PIR, as well as metal accessories.

Moreover, as a member of Teraplast Group, TeraSteel offers its clients complete solutions – turnkey halls.

Flacara Impex SRL



Manufacture of corrugated paper and paperboard and of paper and paperboard


Teraplast Company, the largest entity of the Group, is currently one of the largest PVC processor in Romania and one of the leading producers of materials for installations, constructions and design markets. The product portfolio of the company comprises three business lines: Installation & Design, Window profiles and Granules:

Installations and Design;
Joinery profiles;


Your environmentally friendly food wrap.
Hand-made beeswax wraps from local beekeepers’ wax with jojoba oil, resin and 100% cotton.

EKOFUNGI, d.o.o, Beograd

Beogradski “Eko fungi” pokrenuo je u junu 2013. godine industrijsku proizvodnju gljive bukovače po novoj tehnologiji koja u proizvodnji supstrata (hranljive podloge) za uzgoj celuloznih gljiva koristi otpad i eliminiše upotrebu električne energije za čak 90%. Reč je o prvom postrojenju ovog tipa u Srbiji i svetu.

Branded Spaces - Linda Halaszova

We're an interdisciplinary design studio, working across 2D, 3D & 4D formats creating captivating branded environments.

Linda has pursued her degree in Spatial design at the University of the Arts London.

In 2012 she's won a prestigious international D&AD award for design on Intercontinental hotel group's category 'Hotel room of the future'.

She's lived and worked in the UK for more than 10 years before moving back to Slovakia.

Currently she works mostly on projects in Central European region.

Future Media Production

• 3D structural modeling of new parts and assemblies
• Modifying and optimizing existing 3D printing models
• Topological optimization of parts
• Product Development
• 3D scanning.

MSTEIN, s.r.o.

The M-STEIN company is focused on the production of professional hand tools. Produces carving gougs, knives, stainless steel and wooden spatulas, graving chisels for lino-engraving and others...
The main production programme is the production of carving gougs of which we offer more than 500 different kinds in various shapes and widths. More than this, we can produce special designs and sizes unique for customer.
Carving tools are hand forged from tooling steel and thermally processed to the required hardness. Handles are from hornbeam tree wood.


Treves d.o.o. uses the latest technology, follows modern work procedures and uses high-quality materials in the production of car interiors for automotive brands such as Renault, Smart, Peugeot and Jaguar.
Company Treves d.o.o. was founded in 2005 by Treves S.A. from France (, a
family owned globally successful business, operating since 1836. Being a global company specialized in
development, production and delivery of automotive components for thermal and acoustic insulation,

Scan Metals d.o.o.

Scan Metals” d.o.o. je firma koja je osnovana 2008. godine sa sedištem u Novom Sadu. Osnivač i vlasnik privrednog društva “Scan Metals” d.o.o. Novi Sad je Slaviša Ćirić.

Pretežna delatnost preduzeća je sakupljanje, transport, priprema sekundarnih sirovina i dalja prodaja obrađenih sirovina livnicama. Posedujemo potrebene dozvole za upravljanje otpadom. Bavimo se otkupom gvožđa, akumulatora, aluminijuma, prohroma, mesinga i bakra.


Eko Sistem is a factory for the manufacture of recycled rubber products. Thanks to the modern equipment and constant investment into developing manufacturing process, we give new life to passenger and truck tires and therefore we proudly take place in a complex process of recycling and environmental protection.