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Sofia Development Association

Sofia Development Association promote and encourage the constant dialogue between civil society, business, public institutions and municipal administration for creating social environment which supports the development of Sofia as a modern European city, aids the sustainable development, entrepreneurship and initiatives of Sofia and its citizens, and fosters the interconnectedness between education, science, and business.

Energy Agency of Plovdiv

Energy Agency of Plovdiv is promoting efficient and sustainable use of energy and renewable energy. Its services are utilised by the public administration, businesses communities, and consumers. It carries out feasibility studies, energy and environmental analyses and modelling, energy and air quality projects identification, development and management.

SKC foundry

Modern foundry for medium-sized parts production located in Slovakia, focused on the automotive sector.

New Edu, n.o.

We focus on provision of informal education services in the field of sustainable development and environmental protection

Crystal Water

Crystal Water is a multifunctional marketing agency focused on MARKETING AS A SERVICE approach.


Bimec specialises in short-term training and seminars, digitally assisted training and team-buildings and management consultancy.

Bulgarian Association of Recycling

The Bulgarian Association of Recycling (BAR) protects the interests of the companies which recycle secondary raw materials in the country to carry out an active dialogue with the state institutions in the protection of the legitimate rights of its members, to examine and assist to resolve issues related to the legal, economic, financial, environmental, customs and other aspects of the activities of the firms from the branch.

Bio company "Lopyanko" Ltd.

The main objective of bio company “Lopyanko” is to establish an industrial plant of a circular economy type in Danube Region for organic silk production and further utilization of the waste products from primary production as high quality secondary raw materials.

Ecosystem Europe

Ecosystem Europe is NGO, which aims to create a favorable environment for access to innovative, flexible and attractive applications for students, educators and entrepreneurs, thus achieving a working balance between society, economy and the environment.

Cleantech Bulgaria

Cleantech Bulgaria is a business network focused on clean technologies, innovation and sustainable development, which connects SMEs and large enterprises, experts, NGOs, entrepreneurs, government and international institutions. Cleantech Bulgaria supports the development of innovation, finance startups and help the development of strategic partnerships in the fields of green industry and business, the environment, science and education.