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Treves d.o.o. uses the latest technology, follows modern work procedures and uses high-quality materials in the production of car interiors for automotive brands such as Renault, Smart, Peugeot and Jaguar.
Company Treves d.o.o. was founded in 2005 by Treves S.A. from France (, a
family owned globally successful business, operating since 1836. Being a global company specialized in
development, production and delivery of automotive components for thermal and acoustic insulation,

Scan Metals d.o.o.

Scan Metals” d.o.o. je firma koja je osnovana 2008. godine sa sedištem u Novom Sadu. Osnivač i vlasnik privrednog društva “Scan Metals” d.o.o. Novi Sad je Slaviša Ćirić.

Pretežna delatnost preduzeća je sakupljanje, transport, priprema sekundarnih sirovina i dalja prodaja obrađenih sirovina livnicama. Posedujemo potrebene dozvole za upravljanje otpadom. Bavimo se otkupom gvožđa, akumulatora, aluminijuma, prohroma, mesinga i bakra.


Eko Sistem is a factory for the manufacture of recycled rubber products. Thanks to the modern equipment and constant investment into developing manufacturing process, we give new life to passenger and truck tires and therefore we proudly take place in a complex process of recycling and environmental protection.


A world-renowned name for more than eight decades.

Within our company are manufactured high quality rubber boots (safety, working, fashion, as well as rubber boots for hunting and fishing); technical rubber goods (rubber profiles and hoses, flexy hoses, products for mining, shipbuilding, automotive and aviation industry)? balls and sports equipment and products made from recycled rubber. In the factory of chemical products are especially prominent polyurethane flooring, primarily intended for companies with the HACCP standards, as well as various types of adhesives.


Osnovna delatnost preduzeća je sakupljanje, transport, priprema sekundarnih sirovina i dalja prodaja obrađenih sirovina livnicama.

Bavimo se otkupom gvožđa, akumulatora, aluminijuma, prohroma, mesinga , bakra, bakarne cevi, bakarni lim, čaure, otpadna bronza, aluminijumske štamparske ploče i sekundarne sirovine svih navedenih materijala.

Otkupljujemo i gotove poluproizvode i proizvode od istih. Otkup sekundarnih sirovina vršimo od pravnih i fizičkih lica.


ECO-RECYCLING LTD. with its head office in Novi Sad is the first factory in Serbia for recycling of used auto and truck tires and other rubber waste.

We began working in 2009 after obtaining the license for storage, treatment and transportation of harmless waste from the Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Serbia and we operate in compliance with all ecological standards of the European Union and Austria Quality Standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.


ICT Network is an association of companies, individuals, academic and research institutions devoted to the development of ICT sector in Serbia. It was established in 2010 by the merger of two former cluster initiatives, Serbian Software Cluster and

COSMENERG-4i 'Global Clusters for Renewable Energy and Environmental Technologies'

COSMENERG-4i 'Global Clusters for Renewable Energy and Environmental Technologies' is the biggest partnership in the field of renewable energy and environmental technologies originating in Central and Eastern Europe. It comprises around 450 members including large companies and SMEs, research institutions, universities, local authorities and related stakeholders. COSMENERG-4i was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Budapest, Hungary.

SanOdor Kft.

A SanOdor Kft. 2004-ben alakult azzal a céllal, hogy egy olyan higiéniai kultúrát terjesszen el széleskörűen Magyarországon, amellyel egy kellemesebb és biztonságosabb környezetet, jobb életminőséget teremt, ezzel hozzájárulva üzleti partnerei sikeresebb működéséhez.

Továbbá hozzájárulni egy zöldebb, élhetőbb világhoz, ahol az emberek egészségben élnek és a Föld is tovább él! Cégünk folyamatosan arra törekszik, hogy teljes körűen, a higiénia minden területén ki tudja szolgálni az ügyfeleit!

Bio-Tech Distributions Kft.

The main objective of ZöldMami is to offer sustainable, healthy, environmentally-friendly solutions, "green alternatives" to everything related to any household activities. Our goal is to become a favourite shop of green households where, besides healthy food and beverages, we can provide green solutions to all other activities in the household (eg.: personal hygiene, oral health care, cleaning, washing, gardening etc.).

ReCreativity Nonprofit Kft.

We provide non formal training programmes, creative workshops, and consultation/personalized coaching in product/service design and entrepreneurship.

Trip Hemp Fashion

* produce and sell clothes and accessories made of hemp-based textiles and organic cotton, aiming at zero waste
* do R&D in agricultural innovation research in hemp cultivation technology and processing
* work for establishing textile industry based on production of hemp


We produce tailor-made and environmentally friendly textile (organic cotton) and felt products.

P&P Budafok Kft

We produce recycled EURO-pallets

Ligeti Bolt

We sell packaging-free food products